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🕊️ Welcome to the Orthodox Young Professionals Conference in Great Britain and Ireland! 🕊️

🎟️ OYP CON 24: A Living Sacrifice
Registration and ticket sales are now open for a delightfully exciting conference to be held in the second half of August 2024. Join us there! You can register here. If you would like to know what awaits you at the event, have a look at the programme.

Sayidna Silouan

☦️ About Us:
We are a lively community with diverse backgrounds dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and fellowship among young Orthodox professionals throughout Great Britain and Ireland that was founded with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop Silouan Oner of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland. Our mission is to build and maintain a conference with a welcoming atmosphere where young Orthodox professionals can come together to deepen their faith, build lasting connections and celebrate our ancient faith.

Sayidna Silouan

🌍 Our Vision:
At the Orthodox Young Professionals of Great Britain and Ireland Conference, we envision a tightly-knit community that transcends cultural backgrounds and geographical boundaries. Our goal is to unite all young Orthodox professionals, regardless of their ethnic origins, and create a harmonious, inclusive spiritual fellowship.

🤝 What We Will Offer at the Conference:
— Inspiring Worship Services: at the conference you will be able to join us for Orthodox prayer services that nourish the soul and uplift the spirit.
— Fellowship Opportunities: at the conference you will be able to experience the warmth of our community through social meals, discussions, activities, and cultural celebrations.
— Educational Opportunities: at the conference you will be able to enrich your understanding of Orthodoxy through informative lectures, panel discussions, and workshops.

🌟 Why Choose Us?
— Openness and welcoming: We embrace the diversity of Orthodox traditions and welcome all members, regardless of their cultural or linguistic backgrounds.
— Strong Sense of Community: We believe in the power of fellowship to strengthen our faith and support one another in times of need.
— Spiritual Growth: Our conferences and programs are designed to deepen your spiritual journey and help you grow closer to God.

Join us in our journey to unite young Orthodox professionals in Great Britain and Ireland, and let's walk this path of faith together. Together, we can create a vibrant, loving, and spiritually enriching community. Come as you are, and let's experience the beauty of Orthodoxy together! 🙏


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